Mycelium decay

Mycelium decay

Abstract: Increasingly, as more industries search for sustainable solutions attempting to mitigate their environmental impact – mycelium has become a focus as a replacement material for leather, plastic, styrofoam, and more.

In order to maintain the product integrity, in some cases, it is blended with Polymers or other (in)organic materials.


Objective: As mycelium research evolves for large scale production in several industries, little research is being done to understand the environmental consequences. Therefore, our team aims to observe and identify potential environmental impact(s) of these new products, with the intention of creating products/solutions to mitigate any negative consequences.

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22 Okt 2022
Observation: After three week of the decay process, one can see that the original mycelium on a wood chip substrate has been catabolised by the green mycelium (Trichodeerma Harizianum). There is also evidence of decay in the wood chips.
3 Okt 2022
After week 2 based on results of the current observation, decided with Neil which new environmental 'element' to add to the experiment.