Week 12

After three months we can see yellow, grey, white and bits of green mycelium forming in a sawdust substrate.

Week 12

After three months, there seems to be a very slow growth of, what appears to be, black mold. The wanter has not been fully absorbed by the cardboard.

Week four

Observation: After three week of the decay process, one can see that the original mycelium on a wood chip substrate has been catabolised by the green mycelium (Trichodeerma Harizianum). There is also evidence of decay in the wood chips.

Week two

After week 2 based on results of the current observation, decided with Neil which new environmental ‘element’ to add to the experiment.

Week one

Week 1- Setup Observation ‘box’ observe changes (if any) of the mycelium product in the soil and the product itself. Observe changes to the wet mycelium product.